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Prevent Crabgrass & Weeds
Protects your lawn for up to 4 months

Do you know what is hiding in your grass? Thousands of weed & crabgrass seeds just waiting to pop up and ruin your lawn. You can ELIMINATE these weeds before they show their ugly faces – but you have to do it in the next few weeks

The trick is to stop the weed & crabgrass seeds from germinating by applying a “pre-emergent/post-emergent treatment” to your lawn. Our customer’s favorite product is the “Hi-Yield Weed Stopper” with Dimension because it addresses both crabgrass and weed problems with one product:

  • “Pre-Emergent” – Stops the germination of crabgrass  seeds & 47 other grassy/broadleaf weeds
  • “Post-Emergent” – Knocks out existing broadleaf weeds & crabgrass early in the season
  • Granular product is easily applied with a spreader
leaves of monstera plant

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